Slot Car Room

Slot Car Room

My slot car room has come a long ways. I’m always adding things to the room since I started working on it.

I always wanted a car room, I didn’t know how it would turn out.  For the most part I think it’s really cool. I used some left over plywood to build the track table.  To hold up the plywood I used some tool benches from Lowes I had purchased prior.

Slot Car Sign Pictures

My wife was responsible for the signs for the most part.  She got me a couple of signs for Christmas.  Some of the slot car signs I purchased from Hobby Lobby others came from a popup store in the mall (don’t remember the name).

I tried to capture all of the American cars models that I like.  I’m sure I missed some.  I have an Indian motorcycle sign, I’m still looking for a Harley Davidson sign.  I think I would like to get something NASCAR and Indy or Formula 1.

Wall Signs
Slot Car Room Signs Image 1
Slot Car Signs Image 2
Signs Image 2
Wall Signs
Room Signs Image 3

My slot car layout

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