Slot Car Profile Card Setup In Sitecore

Slot Car Profile Card Setup In Sitecore

Profile card setup is difficult to understand which hinders marketers from using them.  Continuing from the previous post the following “User Type” was made.

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced

Bob, Jimmy and Steve (random names) are profile cards to describe each user type.

Profile Card Types

Profile Card Types

Setup Profile Card

The profile cards under the “User type” will be attached to a Sitecore page.  To see the profile cards click “Edit” next to “User Type”.

User Type Selection Screen

User Type Selection Screen


The following “User Type” profile cards display.  Pay attention to the graph, understanding the way the point faces.  The numbers match the graph to give an idea about the users.

Jimmy Beginner

Jimmy Beginner Profile

Steve Intermediate

Steve Intermediate Profile

Bob Experienced

Bob Experienced Profile

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