Slot Car Pattern Cards

Slot Car Pattern Cards

Let’s say we want to take the slot car hobby store pattern matching further than brands.  We can make slot car pattern cards to understand the models a user is matched to.  So we can make a slot car pattern for Challenger, Viper, Corvette and Camaro.

The reason that we would do this is because we can use the slot car patterns to target a certain web visitor.  Let’s say the hobby store wants to run a special for Christmas on some new Camaro slot cars they received.  They want to offer a discounted price of 10% on the Camaro slot cars.  To try and make sure the promotion is successful they will use slot car pattern cards to target web visitors who match the brand pattern Chevy and the model pattern Camaro.

The users who match both the Chevy and Camaro slot car patterns will see the promotion below.  If a user doesn’t match both the patterns they won’t see the promotion.

slot car pattern Camaro Slot Car Promotion
Camaro Promotion
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