Slot Car Brand Buyer Pattern Cards

Slot Car Brand Buyer Pattern Cards

Pattern cards can be used on all types of websites.  Here we will use an example of a hobby store that sales slot cars.  The hobby store carries a variety of cars but the brands are Ford, Chevrolet, and Dodge.  The first thing the hobby store will do is build patterns for the brands.  The brands will help the website understand which brand the web visitor prefers.

Slot Car Pattern Automotive Brands

To help the website any slot car page such as a Mustang slot car would have the Ford pattern attached to it.  So if there were ten different Mustang pages the Ford pattern card would be attached to all ten of the pages.  The hobby store would also attach the Chevy pattern card to pages about Camaro and Corvette.  To finish out the brands they would attach the Dodge pattern card to any page regarding the Challenger or Viper slot cars they sell.

To go further and make sure that you understand how a web visitor is assigned a pattern think about it like this.  The web visitor comes to the site on Monday and they look at two Corvette web pages and leave the site.  At that point the website knows they are classified as Chevy. The web visitor returns on Wednesday and looks at the Challenger and Viper.  So now they are considered to be both the Chevy and the Dodge pattern.  On Friday the web visitor comes back and they return to the Viper page and now the website believes that Dodge is the true pattern.

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