Sitecore Patterns Building Audiences

Sitecore Patterns Building Audiences

How to build an audience with Sitecore patterns

What if you could use something like Sitecore patterns to target individuals or groups? A way to communicate with web visitors without seeming intrusive. Patterns are like having a friendly conversation with a friend.  The pattern listens or sees what a visitor is doing and then gives a suggestion.

Patterns are the basis for building on website personalization. Personalization is the ability for your website to change its messaging.  By changing the messaging you can talk directly to the visitor. Talking directly to the visitor allows the website to form a relationship.  Relationship building is what gives Sitecore the advantage of building audiences.

Marketing teams and Sitecore patterns

Most website visitors don’t want to fill out forms on their first visit to websites. Marketing teams try to focus on using forms to generate leads.  These teams get so consumed with this approach that they make web users fill out forms for petty things.  Why would you hinder someone from downloading a brochure to learn more about a product your company wants to sell them?

Sitecore patterns need to be the mindset of marketing teams. Patterns help to move teams into working with web visitors and learning from them.  Sitecore patterns help to segment web visitors into buckets where text and imagery can reflect the different user types.  Targeted text and imagery make the web visitors feel like the website is specifically for them.

Patterns Are The Difference Makers

Patterns Help To Move Web Visitors Down A Path