Sitecore Components Are Containers

Sitecore Components Are Containers

Sitecore components can be somewhat confusing to understand. When talking about components I like to explain them as being containers. The containers hold different items and allow you to substitute items in the containers on the fly.

Developing Components

To be truly effective developers must make sure they build components correctly.  There should never be only one large component holding all the website code in a page (Image 1).  When a page is put together correctly you will be able to see multiple components listed inside the web page (Image 2).

Incorrect Sitecore Components PlacementCorrect Sitecore Components Placement

Working With Components

Components allow marketers to go from being static websites to marketing billboards.  The component allows the marketer to target individuals.  Any component within the page has the ability to be changed at any moment.

While the visitor of the website is casually browsing they are unaware the component is switching in and out. The component appears to be the same for each visitor but it’s not.

While working with Sitecore components keep track of them.  If you are using any type of component personalization track them in your excel document as recommend by Sitecore training.

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