My Scalextric slot car track for personal racing

My Scalextric slot car track for personal racing

During the holiday break I’ve had a chance to work on my Scalextric slot car track. It has taken me some time to gather enough pieces to build a track that I enjoy playing with.  I probably purchased the track and the beginning of 2017.  I started off with a Scalextric GT Endurance track from HobbyTown USA.  The cost was around $120, it was the only track at that time I could find for under $200.  My intention was to take the track and turn it into a digital set.  Digital sets are way more expensive and at that time I wasn’t willing to spend around $600 for a track.

I wanted to add a little bit of realism to my track so I tested out painting some pieces grey.  It’s pretty cool but very time consuming. I didn’t have a chance to completely paint the entire track since purchasing some additional pieces.

grey slot car track piece

I upgrade my digital base to the new arc pro digital base and I love it.  It’s way easier to program the cars to work with the wireless controllers.  I use my iPad to control the race configurations on the arc pro app.  Slot cars have truly come a long way, to me the best part is the shaking of the wireless controllers while racing.  If you own an xbox, playstation or wii the controller vibration functions the same just on a slot car track.

Configuration with old digital power base
Whole slot car track image
New configuration with ARC Pro Power Base
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