Scalextric Default Digital Chip Hatch Unplugged

Scalextric Default Digital Chip Hatch Unplugged

I have three cars that just wouldn’t work on my track anymore.  I couldn’t figure out what was going on. After unscrewing them it was something really simple causing the issue.  The digital chip hatch had come unplug.  I’m thinking this was causing it not to close a circuit or something.

Scalextric/Hornby Digital Chip Lambo Problem

Does anyone have a Lamborghini like this one?  If so, what color is the engine?  I’m trying to figure out if this is an upgraded engine?  The car keeps blowing digital chips so I’m trouble shooting it.

If I put a chip in the car it will run and switch lanes.  When I stop playing with it and try to use it later it won’t work.  This has happened to two chips, I’ve taken the chips and tried them in other cars to confirm the were fried.

The engine was changed because the wires had electrical tape holding them together.  I removed the tape and soldered the wires.

Digital Chip Orange Scalextric Lamborghini

Digital Chip Engine Scalextric Lamborghini

My Digital Scalextric Track Layout 

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4 Replies to “Scalextric Default Digital Chip Hatch Unplugged”

  1. I’ve been playing with this car for two weeks now in analog mode with no problems. Going to order a digital chip and see if the solder may have solved the problem.

  2. I received a new dpr chip this week. I played with it for two days. Put the car on the track last night to play with it and it quit working. What I noticed is that a spark happened when I put the car on the track. I think that’s when it fried the chip. There’s a little connector inside the car that’s connected to the wires. I’m assuming it’s some kind of resistor, I’m wondering if it’s faulty. I think I will replace it and then buy another chip and see if that fixes it. I’m now on my third dpr chip because of this car. (Not good)

  3. Man, I would asume your power supply it’s the cause, maybe it’s allowing more volts to pass to the track and those voltage is killing the chip, try another power supply, if that’s not the cause, maybe it’s the controller?
    Take a multimeter and check voltage on the track, at standby, if the voltage gives the rated output at power supply, for example: 15v
    Other option (not probably) is: the motor it’s rated to another voltage rate and it’s making the chips to die?
    Check it out and let’s see

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