Scalextric Bentley Continental GT3

Scalextric Bentley Continental GT3

The Bentley Continental is one of the smoothest cars.  All Scalextric cars run very well, but this one is smooth like butter as it moves around the track.  If it is running too fast the backend can come around, but not as bad as some cars.   The magnet is placed under the rear axle to reduce the backend movement.

Bentley Continental GT3 Features

  • No lights on the car
  • DPR
  • Great magnet placement

Slot Car Size

The weight of the car feels a little heavier than most but doesn’t appear to affect the speed.  The car can be a good competitive home racer against any other cars. Positioning of the magnet and the car’s weight is a perfect handling combination.

Running Carrera Cars on Scalextric Track

Scalextric Bentley GT3
Scalextric Bentley GT3
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