Run Carrera Cars On Scalextric Track

Run Carrera Cars On Scalextric Track

I purchased a Carrera 1:43 track some time ago. Accumulating four Carrera cars over time but not playing with them. Last night while playing with my Scalextric track I wondered if I could run the cars on it.

The thought of running the Carrera cars on a Scalextric had crossed my mind before but I was always too scared to try it.

Trying To Run Carrera Cars

Carrera cars aren’t able to run on the Scalextric track without modifying them.  The guide that keeps the car in the groove is too wide, thus not allowing the car to move.

To solve the guide problem it needs to be shaved down to be skinnier. It will take something strong enough to work through the guide plastic. I tried to use sand paper at first with no luck at all.  After getting brave I decided to use a razor blade (worked perfectly). I gently scraped the plastic, it took me about 2 minutes and I was ready for my first test run.  The car went about one track length and got stuck.  I shaved the guide a little more and now I have a completely working 1:43 Carrera car on my 1:32 Scalextric track.


Carrera 1:43 Cars

Scalextric Chip Hatch Unplugged

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