Real digital marketing begins here

Real digital marketing begins here

I’ve had experience with multiple websites in the last five years. All of the websites have been corporate sites targeting a variety of users. What I’ve learned from these sites is brand strength carries a large amount of weight from a digital marketing perspective.

Each website that I have come into contact with has taught me many things. One of the lessons that I have learned is that there’s not one thing you must do well in digital marketing.  You must do many things well to find success in digital marketing.

Another lesson is to stop spending all of your time worrying about SEO.  You are a marketer, if you focus on writing the best messaging/content for your target audience they will learn how to find you.  Social media platforms give you extra options to help balance the ways to spread content.

Be willing to test the rules on what works and what doesn’t.  All of the things that you’ve read about don’t necessarily work.  You don’t want to spend all of your company budget on something that’s a waste of time.

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