Marketing personal websites

Marketing personal websites

A personal website is an easy way to learn digital marketing fundamentals.  You will understand how difficult digital marketing is; debunking misconceptions of how easy it is.  You are trying to gain the trust of people who don’t know you thus convincing them to interact with you.  There’s no true general plan for every website; even though that’s what people would like you to believe.

Enjoy Building and Marketing

Your website has to be truly something that you enjoy.  If you never have one visitor but you still enjoy your website the subject is the right one.  A personal website is an extension of its owner.  This is what makes a website valuable and unique to a reader.  No one puts thoughts together exactly the same.  You shouldn’t be able to visit two websites and they are exactly the same unless one of them copied the information.

Building Traffic

To get meaningful traffic to your website it’s going to take some time.  Don’t be misled believing your site will be an overnight success.  This type of thinking will cause you to spend lots of money on digital ads with no return.  Digital ads are still hard for individuals as well as companies to understand.  As long as you realize that having lots of traffic doesn’t necessarily mean you have the right type of traffic (visitors) you’ll find some success.  It has taken me a long time to learn this lesson.

Visitors come to your site seeking something.  They end up at your site because you have an answer to that thing they are looking for.  As long as you don’t lose sight of this you will attract traffic.

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