Marketing automation what is it?

Marketing automation what is it?

Marketing automation is the ability to automate digital marketing tasks. Automating tasks creates a reliable communication stream. Streams are paths visitors take while interacting with companies.

Marketing Automation Stream Example

Jim  James sees an ad in his favorite car magazine. He decides to visit the website in the ad. During the website visit he reads a Ford Mustang article. The end of the article has a web form, which he fills out to receive updates on the Mustang. He exits the website.  A week later Jim receives an email about the Mustang. He opens the email and clicks the link inside the email then is taken to a web page.

Automation Conclusion

Each step in the example above is automated. When Jim fills out his name on the web form he is put into a stream. Stream rules determine what to do next; which is send email 1. Opening the email triggers the next set of rules in essence pushing further down the stream.

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