Managing Digital Experience

Managing Digital Experience

Managing digital experience frames a visitors satisfaction. To provoke thought and action visitors are exposed to different messages. Experiences should be non-intrusive; giving the ability to feel natural. Conversions are easy to produce when experiences feel natural.

User experience should be the easiest path to convert a visitor from curiosity to purchaser. A website displays learning material at the curiosity stage; educating users while preparing them to be purchasers. A visitor becomes a purchaser on their own time. A website cannot force a visitor to be a buyer; the intent to buy must already exist.

Manage The Digital Experience By Educating

Why does a visitor buy a product? Visitors want a product because they see a need for it. Recognizing the need they decide to learn more about it; in essence increasing desire. There’s a misconception visitors view websites on a whim; which is totally incorrect.

Influencers are crucial to expanding education to visitors. They help to increase understanding of how a product fits a need. Influencers use different types of methods to communicate such as video, tweets, and blog posts.

How To Use Banners To Educate?

Banners can be used to educate by reinforcing messaging. Allow banners to repeat messaging of off-line advertising. For example you have a magazine ad that reads, “Simple is better”. A supporting digital banner should also read, “Simple is better”. The goal is continuous messaging over time equally supporting a standard message.

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