Know why you are redesigning a new website before you do it

Know why you are redesigning a new website before you do it

I’ve been on plenty of projects that start off with someone pulling up another company’s website and asking for us to create something similar.  You ask them why they want the website to look like this other company’s and it’s because they just like the way it looks.

To make the creation of a new website smoother the first thing that needs be done is figure out the websites intent.  What issue are you trying to solve by creating or redesigning your company website? I would say 90% of web projects don’t have an answer to this question.  Answer to these types of questions will help the team figure out what text needs to be written and the tools that need to be created.

Examples of issues that help a team to understand the intentions of the redesign.

  • Customers are saying they cannot complete the checkout process when purchasing products.  Due to this issue we have seen an increase in customers calling the customer service phone line for assistance.
  • We keep getting emails from customers that they can’t figure out where to purchase the products that we manufacture.
  • We are having trouble selling product XYZ and would like to come up with some potential ways to help customers become more aware of it.

When you start to focus more on the intentions or problem your creativity will be better on trying to come up with a solution.  Let the team designing the site come up with the solutions to the problem (not you).  A common mistake is coming to creative teams with the answer already and telling them to make what you requested.  Many times these team members have a lot more experience with designing technical/digital solutions and will think about things that you didn’t take into consideration when coming up with your solution.

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