About Jhasmal Hardyway Digital Strategist & Slot Car Hobbyist

About Jhasmal Hardyway Digital Strategist & Slot Car Hobbyist

Jhasmal Hardyway’s corporate experience

My name is Jhasmal Hardyway, I am a senior web strategist at Textron Aviation. I maintain two of the most iconic websites in the world; cessna.com and beechcraft.com.

I’ve had experience with many digital projects over the years. Additional sites that I maintain are specialmissions.txtav.com, www.scorpionjet.comwww.yourfirstplane.com, www.latitudejet.combeechcraftdefense.com, and ttxoutperforms.com.

My background started in computers, with the dream of becoming a programmer.  I wasn’t much of a visual basic or C++ guy so I learned HTML.

The first half of my career was on a computer help desk.  After gaining experience I moved into corporate communications and eventually marketing.

  • Sitecore Lover
  • Masters Degree – Computer Information Systems
  • Bachelor Degree – Computer Information Systems

Jhasmal Hardyway’s Strategy

Building a website is easy, the marketing needs afterward is where companies fall short.  This blog is to help marketers improve their online results.  Bridging the gap in analytics and tracking of online consumers.

Things I’ve seen in my career that cause issues in large scale companies are:

  • Difficulty in trying to explain websites to the rest of the organization.
  • Gaining new leads and creating pages that help to position the company’s values and propositions.
  • Company culture determines website design and functionality, not the users who actually use them.
  • Employees outside of the marketing organization aren’t sure of how to use company brand to influence website customers.

Slot Cars Are My Hobby

I’m a lover of sports cars, which is a very expensive thing. In my life I’ve owned two sports cars (Mustang & Corvette). Of course, I don’t have unlimited amounts of money so financially I can’t buy real cars. Slot cars give me a way to easily accumulate every sports car I would ever want.

My collection is still rather small, hence I started in 2017. I try to buy at least one car a month as I’m trying to not over extend the family budget. I have about 20 cars all different brands but mostly Carrera and Scalextric.

My personal Scalextric slot car track

Slot cars on shelf
Slot Car Collection


Slot Car 2018 Project

Always looking for a way to challenge myself I wanted to use my marketing and web knowledge together with slot cars. The goal is to create a strategy of how I would market slot cars digitally. Using Sitecore in the strategy how would I target users with patterns or personas?

In addition to the marketing part of the project I want to build my own web application.  I’m in the process of teaching myself c# so I’m going to build me a slot car tracking tool.  My vision is for it to keep track of my cars I have and those I want to purchase. I don’t have all of the details on this project yet.

To keep up with the project you can follow the link below.

My Sitecore slot car project

***This blog represents my own personal opinions and not the company that I work for.