Internet marketing what is it?

Internet marketing what is it?

Internet marketing or online marketing is reaching customers on the internet at the right time. The ability to find customers without being intrusive.  Talking to customers with a custom message while seeming general. It’s like finding a needle in a hay stack.

Why use internet marketing?

There’s a vast number of internet users.  Marketers need to interact with visitors to understand their intentions. Deploy digital ads to pull visitors to your website.  Measure visitors that come in and determine their interests.  Measuring can be done in different ways.  You can use Google Analytics or your CMS (Content Management System) if it supports it.

The cost of online marketing makes it attractive.  You can get into online marketing pretty much for free. It depends on what platform type you decide to try.  While starting out you should try to spend no money.  Learn what works while it costs nothing and then adjust.

Internet marketing types

Their are multiple ways to perform online marketing. Use social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram or Google+. Each platform has its own advantages. Pick the platform that fits best in your digital strategy. The advantage of these platforms are they are free so you can experiment. Experiment until you decide to spend money on additional marketing efforts.

If you lack time use Google Adwords.  Adwords allow for simple implementation. You only need a one sentence marketing message and a budget.

Digital marketing benefits

E-marketing made easy

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