How can you test if a website pattern is working?

How can you test if a website pattern is working?

The best way to test patterns is to perform the same actions that you want web visitors to take. Click on the same pages and download the same brochures.  If you have content personalization tied to these patterns verify that the personalization is working when you match the pattern.

Content management systems have testing features that allow you to simulate what will happen if you match a pattern.  This allows you to test multiple patterns on one computer.  I don’t like to do this kind of testing, I like to use multiple computers.  I’ll use my home computer for one type of pattern testing and use my work computer for a different test.  I can test multiple scenarios by using different browsers on the same computer.

To a website if you are using different browsers you aren’t the same person.  The reason for this is a browser uses a cookie to keep track of information the pattern is looking at.  So each browser has its own set of cookies that it uses on a computer.

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