Engagement making purchasing easy

Engagement making purchasing easy

Engagement is the ability for a website to understand a visitors intent.  Once the website understands the visitors intent it adapts itself to put visitors on a desired path.  Websites that understand visitors are slowly becoming more popular.  These types of websites aren’t moving fast due to the lack of marketing teams’ knowledge of the technology.

Why use websites that understand visitors?

Websites that understand allow marketing teams to provide multiple experiences. One web page can appear different based on who is viewing it at the time. Even if the page is different for some, notably other users aren’t aware of it.

Engagement Conversions

Marketing teams have to get better; they have to understand how to communicate with visitors to create conversions.  Smarter website technology allows for easier website conversions but demands more skills.  Conversions are the true goal of any website regardless of the industry. Downloading brochures, product purchases and filling out forms are conversion examples.

Sitecore Patterns

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