E-marketing made easy

E-marketing made easy

E-marketing or electronic marketing has been around for some time. Even though it has been around marketers still struggle. With so many places to market online figuring out where to start can be difficult. Keep e-marketing efforts simple; don’t over think them.

E-marketing Target Group

Start by thinking of target user groups. Understand where these groups spend time and how long they stay. This helps you decide where to place online ads. There are multiple places like Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Adwords to run your ads.

Start a budget; don’t go beyond the budget. It’s very easy to get caught up in keyword bidding which will make your costs sky rocket.

Using a blog to expand your e-marketing

Blogs are still one of the easiest ways to do electronic marketing.  It’s crazy to think about how many new blogs were popping up years ago. There are hardly any discussions of blogs now.

Use a blog to help support a general website in spreading a brand message. The blog gives you the ability to quickly frame a message without being a developer.  If you can write fairly well and can type quickly you can have a blog post up in a matter of minutes.

Create product awareness by using blog posts for introducing new products. Don’t get this confused with press release announcements. Good posts show products in development before the company knows how they are going to use the product.

Content Marketing – formerly e-book marketing

Content marketing allows marketers to touch base with a target audience in a unique way. It’s a way to grab a person’s interest by giving them something to educate and solve a problem. Sitecore does this by . creating an e-book called Content Marketing for Dummies.  The book talks about how to affectively use digital marketing concepts.

E-marketing Content Marketing For Dummies

Book Chapters

Understanding The Digital Consumer

Discovering Context Marketing

Exploring How Marketing Technology Falls Short

Succeeding In Context Marketing

Ten Do’s and Don’ts For Investing In Context Marketing Technology

Influencers Are Crucial To E-Marketing

There’s a lot of talk about influencers. To be truthful I don’t think marketers understand influencers. It seems like it’s the newest buzz word to use in meetings to sound smart. Influencers are the groups of people who believe in your product and to spread the word. They are called influencers because they influence other people to see the same vision.

You need to find your own influencers of your product.  Use these influencers to help you promote your message. Have you ever wondered how to create backlinks? Backlinks are created by influencers linking back to your website for various reasons.

We are all influencers in some way. Since I work for Textron Aviation I talk about aircraft. I talk mostly about cessna.com and beechcraft.com since I maintain them. I influence other digital marketers working at manufacturing companies.

Everyone tends to relate social media followers as influencers.  The thought process is if you have a lot of social followers you are going to have success.  The truth is that you have to find the hand full of influencers who can provide value at the right time.  It’s possible the influencers could be different individuals each time; depending on the situation or what you are promoting.