Drag Racing Pattern Cards

Drag Racing Pattern Cards

Who doesn’t like a good drag race?  Nothing like the smell of gas and cars going way over 100 mph.  Drag racing pattern cards for a drag racing site would probably be one of the easiest to make.  You could split the drag racing pattern cards into funny cars, pro stock, top fuel dragster, and pro stock motorcycles.

With so many different racing classes it’s easy to see how patterns would be effective on a drag racing site. A web visitor most likely wouldn’t want to see everything about each class.  They would stick with one or two classes and follow the information throughout the season.  The patterns would collect information over time giving the best website experience.

One way to give the best website experience would be to display race drivers based on their drag racing pattern matches.  If a web visitor matches a pro stock pattern show the drivers on the home page that represent the pro stock class.  You could have another web visitor pattern that matches the funny car pattern.  This web visitor would get a list of funny car drivers.

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