Digital Marketing Confusion

Digital Marketing Confusion

Digital marketing is still a concept that people don’t understand.  Marketers and business leaders have not grasped current website capabilities. Basing their strategies on old website functionality allows for a weak or no digital strategy. No strategy leads to constant tactical bandaids with no real direction.

Why no website digital strategy?

Leaders still view company websites as brochures often overlooking potential possibility.  They believe a website is created once and is seldom changed. This type of thinking funnels down and becomes company culture.  Set cultures are very difficult to reverse, causing very uneasy situations between team members.

Employees at the bottom have a very difficult path when trying to drive change.  Resistance comes from all angles since they have no true authority. If the company is very large their chances to produce change decreases even more.  The issue is that these employees are the people most qualified to create the strategy with little backing to do so.

Internet Marketing What Is It?

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