Digital Marketing Benefits

Digital Marketing Benefits

You can reap digital marketing benefits when done correctly.

Digital marketing can be free. You can use Facebook fan pages to promote with no cost. If you have a known brand it can attract followers easily. I grew a Facebook fan page from 0 to 5,000 followers in a year. I did it with no paid marketing and completely with social posts.

Explaining Digital Marketing Benefits To Others

Who needs a Facebook fan page? I remember having to answer this question multiple times. While in my mind the benefits were clear but to others it wasn’t. I had to patiently explain Facebook would allow us to spread our brand message. It was a way for us to talk to individuals who were passionate about our product. By talking to these individuals we could understand how they perceived our brand and if it matched what we wanted it to be.

Having Fun While Experiencing Digital Marketing Benefits

The fan page I created was for Cessna Aircraft Company. I truly enjoyed talking to the individuals on the fan page. My enthusiasm also helped keep all of the followers excited. It was truly like talking to a friend, I wanted them to show me their aircraft. By asking the followers to show pictures of their aircraft it helped me to engage with them more.

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