Digital Content Marketing

Digital Content Marketing

Digital content marketing tells a story hence moves away from direct selling and highlights value. Stories set a framework of fulfilling a desire or dream. Products are supporting actors. Dreams become possible which create desires to have.

Digital Content Example

Elizabeth is sitting on a beach in Italy. A European vacation has been a dream of hers. Listening to the water she contemplates her life. Life hasn’t always been easy for her. Two years ago she was in a job that was least desirable. She was stuck, angry and didn’t know how to get out of it. During this time she continued to improve her spiritual strength by reading. Reading helped her gain faith which led her to feel less afraid. Being unafraid now she tries new things. No longer worried about other people’s thoughts, living in the moment. It’s time to leave the beach, Elizabeth packs her belongings. As she walks to her Ferrari she thinks, “Always keep moving forward, faith will give you vision”.

Digital Content Example Conclusion

Some readers will think this story is about taking a trip to Italy. Different readers could argue it’s about spirituality and finding peace. The true intention of this article is the Ferrari. The Ferrari is a representation of what Elizabeth achieved.

E-marketing What Is It?

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