Creating Slot Car Profile Types

Creating Slot Car Profile Types

Slot car profile types will be the base structure to build user tracking. Profiles will be based on possible buyer types such as beginner, intermediate and advanced.

Beginner Slot Car Profile Types

Beginner profile is someone who doesn’t have any experience with slot car tracks.  This profile most likely will not purchase the track for themselves but for someone else.

Beginners are most likely to be young children which receive slot cars as gifts.  These gifts can come in the form of birthday or Christmas gifts.

A purchaser in the beginner profile most likely will have a set budget.  The budget tends to be very low since it’s an adult purchasing for a child.

Intermediate Slot Car Profile Types

Intermediate profile is someone who has experience with slot cars.  They may have had a slot car as a child, and want to relive the joy.  This profile will purchase the slot car set for themselves.

Budgets for intermediate is slightly higher than beginner.  The budget will be mid-level and has the ability to reach higher levels with additional marketing efforts.  They are not extremely serious about slot cars so other hobbies will interfere with their budget.

Advanced Slot Car Profile Types

Advanced users may start off in the intermediate profile.  Over time they decide to want more features than the basic slot car capability.  They look for way to expand their current systems.  They are more willing to buy upgrades and more exotic cars.  These profile types become a brands influencer.  They will take pictures of their track layouts and invite friends to experience their tracks.


Slot Car Profile Types
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