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Slot Car Room

Slot Car Room

My slot car room has come a long ways. I’m always adding things to the room since I started working on it.

I always wanted a car room, I didn’t know how it would turn out.  For the most part I think it’s really cool. I used some left over plywood to build the track table.  To hold up the plywood I used some tool benches from Lowes I had purchased prior.

Slot Car Sign Pictures

My wife was responsible for the signs for the most part.  She got me a couple of signs for Christmas.  Some of the slot car signs I purchased from Hobby Lobby others came from a popup store in the mall (don’t remember the name).

I tried to capture all of the American cars models that I like.  I’m sure I missed some.  I have an Indian motorcycle sign, I’m still looking for a Harley Davidson sign.  I think I would like to get something NASCAR and Indy or Formula 1.

Wall Signs
Slot Car Room Signs Image 1
Slot Car Signs Image 2
Signs Image 2
Wall Signs
Room Signs Image 3

My slot car layout

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Run Carrera Cars On Scalextric Track

Run Carrera Cars On Scalextric Track

I purchased a Carrera 1:43 track some time ago. Accumulating four Carrera cars over time but not playing with them. Last night while playing with my Scalextric track I wondered if I could run the cars on it.

The thought of running the Carrera cars on a Scalextric had crossed my mind before but I was always too scared to try it.

Trying To Run Carrera Cars

Carrera cars aren’t able to run on the Scalextric track without modifying them.  The guide that keeps the car in the groove is too wide, thus not allowing the car to move.

To solve the guide problem it needs to be shaved down to be skinnier. It will take something strong enough to work through the guide plastic. I tried to use sand paper at first with no luck at all.  After getting brave I decided to use a razor blade (worked perfectly). I gently scraped the plastic, it took me about 2 minutes and I was ready for my first test run.  The car went about one track length and got stuck.  I shaved the guide a little more and now I have a completely working 1:43 Carrera car on my 1:32 Scalextric track.


Carrera 1:43 Cars

Scalextric Chip Hatch Unplugged

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Scalextric Default Digital Chip Hatch Unplugged

Scalextric Default Digital Chip Hatch Unplugged

I have three cars that just wouldn’t work on my track anymore.  I couldn’t figure out what was going on. After unscrewing them it was something really simple causing the issue.  The digital chip hatch had come unplug.  I’m thinking this was causing it not to close a circuit or something.

Scalextric/Hornby Digital Chip Lambo Problem

Does anyone have a Lamborghini like this one?  If so, what color is the engine?  I’m trying to figure out if this is an upgraded engine?  The car keeps blowing digital chips so I’m trouble shooting it.

If I put a chip in the car it will run and switch lanes.  When I stop playing with it and try to use it later it won’t work.  This has happened to two chips, I’ve taken the chips and tried them in other cars to confirm the were fried.

The engine was changed because the wires had electrical tape holding them together.  I removed the tape and soldered the wires.

Digital Chip Orange Scalextric Lamborghini

Digital Chip Engine Scalextric Lamborghini

My Digital Scalextric Track Layout 

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My Scalextric slot car track for personal racing

My Scalextric slot car track for personal racing

During the holiday break I’ve had a chance to work on my Scalextric slot car track. It has taken me some time to gather enough pieces to build a track that I enjoy playing with.  I probably purchased the track and the beginning of 2017.  I started off with a Scalextric GT Endurance track from HobbyTown USA.  The cost was around $120, it was the only track at that time I could find for under $200.  My intention was to take the track and turn it into a digital set.  Digital sets are way more expensive and at that time I wasn’t willing to spend around $600 for a track.

I wanted to add a little bit of realism to my track so I tested out painting some pieces grey.  It’s pretty cool but very time consuming. I didn’t have a chance to completely paint the entire track since purchasing some additional pieces.

grey slot car track piece

I upgrade my digital base to the new arc pro digital base and I love it.  It’s way easier to program the cars to work with the wireless controllers.  I use my iPad to control the race configurations on the arc pro app.  Slot cars have truly come a long way, to me the best part is the shaking of the wireless controllers while racing.  If you own an xbox, playstation or wii the controller vibration functions the same just on a slot car track.

Configuration with old digital power base
Whole slot car track image
New configuration with ARC Pro Power Base
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