B2B Email Marketing

B2B Email Marketing

B2B email marketing takes skill only because of bad techniques.  People should only receive emails if they request them.  A person who didn’t request an email is a bad target.  Why send an email to someone who doesn’t want it?  Unwanted emails increase negative thoughts of a brand.

B2B Email Intention

Email should have specific intention; as a result driving action. Readers should be able to instantly know what steps are available to take. Are they to place a phone call?  Do they download a product brochure?  Can they buy directly from a link in the email?  The desired email action should be towards the top in essence making it easy for the reader to consider.

B2B Top Of Mind

Email periodically sent reminds a buyer of a company’s existence.  It’s a simple way to ask, “Do you remember me?”  Each email doesn’t have to be a buying reminder not to mention consistent buying requests are annoying. Place content marketing within your emails to bring it altogether.

B2B Email Marketing Programs



Constant Contact

Sitecore Email Experience Manager

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