2018 Sitecore Slot Car Project

2018 Sitecore Slot Car Project

To connect my love of slot cars with Sitecore I’ll be creating a 2018 Sitecore slot car project.  The strategy will show how easy it is to build patterns for targeting specific slot car users.  Scalextric and Carrera cars will be the two brands I will focus on.

Using my passion for slot cars allows me to go deeper by building more specific profile and pattern matches.  These examples will help you to build deeper levels within your patterns.  Building deeper level patterns will give you opportunities for growth.

2018 Sitecore Slot Car Project Details

Fierce competition between slot car manufactures makes it the perfect project.  Purchases of slot cars not only can be purchased from the manufacturer but also Ebay.  The ability to purchase from multiple places causes a significant need for targeting potential customers while in the decision making process.

Easy ways to target customers is to capture views in addition how often they return. During each visit what do they tend to look at repeatedly? Repeat views give a glimpse into customer intentions.

Good luck in 2018 with your Sitecore marketing efforts.

Scalextric Ford Collector Set
Sitecore Slot Car Project Example Car Set
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